Growing Strong in The Lord Part 2 Poem

 He Has Our Future Plans

Trying to put our future in our hands
We sometimes force what may not meant to be
But we must know He has our future plans

Responsive to what becomes by mans
We give into what others want to see
Trying to put our future in our hands

Forgetting how far God's hand spans
We loose faith He gives His best to thee
But we must know He has our future plans

A child of God we learn in Him to trust
We must not force our future to sooner
Eventual ours be with Him a must

Relaxing not to become a ruiner
For His plans to ours is greater
He prepares us as He be a pruner

When we hurry in hope to straighter
Trying to put our future in our hands
We often forget who is our creator
As we must learn He has our future plans
      ©Doris Elaine

Thoughts: Sometimes we can be in such a hurry for what we think is best for our future; forgetting our creator knows us better than we know our selves. And sometimes in the act of this we can loose our own self and our faith in Him to know what's best for us. We can additional act on this thought in a way that actually pulls us away from God. Believe that He will prune you and show you where and how you do and don't belong as one try's to force their own future into existence. What you may think is best for you may prove not to be. It's best to just relax and let God guide you into your future; it will be must greater than you dreamed. Always remember in trying to force your hand at your own future you may end up in the worst place possible because He already has plans for our best future. 


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